High Heels.

Posted on 28 April 2016

I'm typically not a fan of anything with "fashionany" prints/images on it or "fashionany" shaped items whatsoever.  i.e High heeled shaped chairs, compact mirrors, picture frames, key chains the list is never ending of high heel shaped non sense you can find these days. When you work in fashion, people (my mom) tend to think you will love all high heel shaped anything. WHY IT'S A CIGARETTE LIGHTER AND I DON'T SMOKE WOMAN. I say all of that to say, I love this shirt with miniature high heels all over it because I'm open minded. These purple, velvety pants are also my new favs (new favs rotate weekly, sometimes hourly). I'm a sucker for anything high waisted so these beauts got me from the start. They feel like pajama pants and that is goals. They are so versatile! Really, pair them with a vintage tee and leather to look like a complete bad tail or with a printed button up (tied into a knot- J.crew has a gorg one for sale right now link below) to look a bit more sophisticated but still cool. What's the weirdest high heel shaped present you've received? 
Top: Yeah Bunny || Pants: Sold out but similar here  || Purse: NastyGal ||
Button Up Top (referenced above): J.Crew 

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