Don't be trendy. Don't be classic. One's cheap. One's boring.

Posted on 18 June 2015

Don't be trendy. Don't be classic. One's cheap. One's boring.

I get it. I'm probaly getting a "Bless her heart" from my skort wearin’ sweethearts && a "But my flash tats are on fleek" from my hipsters but just hear me out...

Don't be that girl that jumps onto every band wagon that comes swooping into town taking over TopShop and H&M leaving you wearing high low dresses for the next 4 summers. Or that girl thats slappin' her initials on everything like you're headed to summer camp. Life is too unpredictable to be predictable. Nothing is wrong with having a certain style. Even if it includes current trends or classic pearls. Just try to have balance with both. Not all trends are bad. Not all are good... Everything Lily P makes doesn't come straight from the pearly gates. And wearing a headband across your forehead every day — we'd call it a forehead band if it were meant for your forehead — isn't the best option. I'll pay homage to the bad babe who can sport the latest do's off the runway + I'm a sucker for the sweetheart who can look flawless in a printed tunic and pearl studs. Whatever your style may be. Don't be afraid to mix it up! Take risks. Do something you've never done before. Show your closet who's boss!

Show me your inner #agirllikeemillia. Be creative. Be original. BE YOU.


Here's my tips on how to make classy a little sassy. Jump in a bold shoe and throw on a statement necklace and say hello to the new you.

{outfit deets below}


Here's my tips on being trendy but not trashy. Life is about balance, right? If your a trendy broad make sure to balance your wild side. As I tell my mom, you have to have your cake then your icing. Your trendy piece being your icing, then layer it with cake, which is a basic. I decided to layer this trendy cut off sweatshirt with a classic white jean and my fav leopard booties.


Blue dress can be found here

Silver Necklace can be found here

Yellow Shoes are from Zara -I bought them 2 years ago- but a like pair can be found here


Sequin sweatshirt can be found here

White Jeans are from Gap, a similar pair can be found here

Leopard booties -bought sometime last year- a similar pair can be found here





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