What not to wear to a wedding. Trust me.

Posted on 18 June 2015

What Not To Wear To A Wedding. Trust Me.
   If you’re never the bride, or the bridesmaid, but the girl who attends a friends wedding every other weekend, getting white-girl wasted off of dry champagne asking where the after party is ... this post is for you homegirl.
Let me start with a story. Particularly my good friend’s favorite story to tell — besides the one of her luring her hubby in wearing her fav sweat pants on the dance floor on a hot Friday night. In my eyes, this one proudly ranks 2nd place. 
You know that girl who wears that really inappropriate dress to a wedding and everyone is like, "Umm who's that ho?” Yeah. Soooo. I was that girl. I was dating my (now) friend’s future brother-in-law. We hadn’t been dating long so the "dress to impress" was in full throttle. He asked me to be his date for his brother’s wedding and I immediately started dreaming of "What should I wear?” Mind you, this wedding was at a Baptist Church in the Bible-belt of Alabama. Being typical Emiley, I thrive off of a fashion statement anywhere I go. I found a hot pink leather mini gem on FreePeople. Umm SOLD. It came in a few days before the wedding, I didn't try it on like always and imagined a gorg fringe shoe with it. Wedding day has arrived, I came screeching in on two wheels into the chapel parking lot and notice as I walk up to the steeple doors that, MY GOD, this thing is 3" below my lady parts. I start yanking and pulling but its too late. I'm committed. The church doors open, there sits my date and the gorgeous bride. I notice he gleams at the dress with wide eyes but heeeyyyy, baby got back. He walks me down the center isle, every human with eyeballs giving me that "No she didn't" look. I quickly realized I am THAT girl. The one every girl was whispering about and mama's we're praising Jesus that it wasn't their daughter. Immediately after the wedding I went home and changed into something not so...flashy. Oh && that was the first time the Bride and I met.
We've been BF ever since. 

Try this stylish number for your friends wedding and don't make the same mistake I did... 

(outfit deets below)



Outfit Deets: 
Cropped Top & Skirt you can find here
Bracelet you can find here
Shoes are Jeffery Campbell, you can find a like pair here

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