Discovering San Diego

Posted on 27 July 2015

Discovering San Diego

My favorite place in the US, hands down. This is our 2nd trip this month and I fall in love more and more each time. It was a quick trip but we packed in a ton of exploring in 3 days. San Diego is filled to the brim with dope beach spots that will take your breath away + apparently amazing Mexican food, so our mission was to discover both! We arrived Friday morning, getting the necessary business meetings out of the way then had all of Friday night to explore Mission Beach. We rode the carousel + the rollar coaster which was deceivingly small but packed a punch and left me with dried mascara down my cheeks and the giggles. A local gave us a recommendation for "the best Mexican food in SD" so needless to say I was pumped. Dude, massive let down AND they looked at me like I was stupid when I asked for queso. Saturday we hit the road bright + early to catch the Crossfit Games in Carson, CA. I was, of course, obsessed with watching these amazing athletes compete. I drank the CF punch about 3 years ago + I love every aspect of it. Go on, hit me with your "But I hear Crossfit is dangerous hfjkdsfhuis. I had a friend's uncle's half cousin hurt his back up" mumbojombo. TO each his own, right?  Since we were only an hour away from Hollywood since driving to Carson, we decided to hit the glamorous city for a quick trip, heck why not? We first explored a gorgeous beach, Palo Verde where I weirdly watched this beautiful Greek family with their beautiful Greek children play in the ocean. It was beautiful. They weren't aware they had a crowd consisting of 1 watching them. We then road tripped a bit farther to see the Hollywood sign, which was hysterical since we got there after dark and couldn't see it. I've been before but remember it being slightly more glamorous when I was 12. This time we turned to google to uncover the best Mexican food in Los Angeles. Certainly not as bad as the first but I asked for queso again +  got the blank stare. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS.  Because of my obsessive complaining over this I have now been blamed for not knowing what "real" Mexican food is. If it doesn't involve melted queso, I don't care to know. Sunday morning quickly came as well as another discovery of a hidden beach, La Jolla Shores. Beach side sushi + "World Famous Oatmeal Cookies" at The Cheese Bar and back to Atlanta we went.

Swimsuit: Arnhem Clothing

Maxi: ASOS

Sunnies: Emillia Rosee


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