VMAs 2015 Best to Barely There Ranking

Posted on 31 August 2015

We're interested in viewing the VMAs invitation requirements. Clearly, it must state "Minimum Clothing Allowed" somewhere on the invite. Miley, come on? Let's be real here. The VMAs ask Miley to be the host, they were asking for it. When they said deliver, we can only imagine she stuck her tongue out and started googling pasties.
Kim K + Kanye
Kim K + Kanye clearly just landed from an African Safari or an Isis initiation meeting? We're not sure which one. The color, the pockets, the hair it doesn't work for us. Shocking news, Kanye is too cool to put on actual clothing for an award ceremony.
FKA Twigs
FKA Twigs is like the athlete celebrating too early before crossing the finish line. You almost had it girlfriend. This could be (more) right in so many ways but it barely missed the mark for us. Though chic it gives off a bohemian, futuristic vibe that sits awkwardly. If it wasn't so...sheer maybe?
Miley Cyrus
We refuse to even acknowledge this ridiculousness.  
Emily Ratajkowski
What is not to like here! Ratajkowski killed it in every aspect. The length, the slit, the boots, the hair... we're clapping for ya girl! Sleek, sexy and not naked. Huh, who knew such a thing existed? Well done Em, well done.
Cara Delevingne
We love this fresh take on the most over the top night of the year! It's fun, age appropriate and incredibly flattering on this beauty. She rocked it with her stack of rings and flowing hair to compliment.
Chrissy Teigen
So we're a little bias here anyways, but how SMOKING does Teigen look? Again, we love that she was screaming sex appeal while not showing every inch of her flawless bod. That bodice on her dress, Marchesa did you well Chrissy.
Kylie Jenner
Jane, is that you? We thought the "Breaking Bad" star, Krysten Ritter commonly known as 'Jane' was the only one rocking shoe polish hair + those harsh bangs. We know Kylie, you're experimental with your hair and your clothing which we love! But you lacked creativity on this one. We get it, the Kardashians/Jenners love Balmain. You sleep in it, brunch in it, workout in it, selfie in it and on and on and on. This dress reminds me of the signature LuLulemon shirt you must own to be initiated in the "I wear yoga pants 5 out of 7 days" support group. The one with its logo printed on the front that's offered in long and short sleeves in every color or print imaginable. This Balmain beauty is overdone and frankly un-impressive after seeing it on every Kardashian, in every color, 3 times.
Lets finish off this list with the hot mamma who showed everyone up! She did NO wrong and we hope to be half as righteous as her one day!

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