Posted on 16 January 2017


Well hello there! I've been slightly MIA from blogging recently so I decided to jump back in a bit. New Years resolution maybe? totally. I decided to chat about this outfit for a few reasons. First, I'm all about dressing up a jogger (the new yoga pant) and I LOVE this bodysuit but people keep calling it lingerie so I thought I would clear a few misconceptions up. 

Let's start with the comfiest- the beloved jogger. I love flipping through the monthly J.Crew style magazines I receive because they ALWAYS have a few jogger looks that are the epitome of 'put together while never getting out of my sweats' look. Which is what we all dream of. Right? After months of drooling over the looks, I decided to give my version a try. Here's the thing with joggers, all the hard work is left up to the top and the shoes. Pick both wisely. I chose this partial see through bodysuit because it's tight fitting, tucks in without bulking up and it's super dressy. Three major components when dressing up a jogger. A bodysuit knocks 2 birds with one stone. It's form fitting- a must when wearing a relaxed pant unless your new look is appearing like you've put on 20. The bodysuit also allows you to tuck in without the excess fabric bulging at the booty line. If the lace bodysuit is too much for you, try a pin striped button down while tucking in one side. Or even a form fitting off one shoulder sweater. 

I also showed this gorg top with a slack so you could see how versatile it really is. I love the mix of being this corporate, I have my stuff somewhat together look while still dressing like a total babe. Who says you can't be both? This top is incredibly flattering! It looks scary and totally sensual but I promise you, you will be surprised when you put it on. The waistband gives you the most perfect curves while the corset fit gives you the perfect hourglass shape. Give it a try, I promise you won't regret it. Ps. i had the joggers slightly pulled down so you could see the top is a bodysuit. It doesn't naturally show when you wear it. Thought I should clear that up. Ha! 

And remember, don't forget the heels. They are the most important component to your new go to outfit! 


Lace Top: Emilia | Joggers: J.Crew (old but similar attached from ily couture) | Trench: Emilia | Heels: ASOS (old but similar attached) 


photography by: Shelby Rae 

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