Emilia began when I was a little girl. Drawing clothes on napkins, the back of school papers and anywhere lead met its counterpart. My passion started to develop as a teenager -dressing my sister, my friends and anyone who’d let me. I carried my passion to Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama. Frankly, I’m not even sure why I went to college. I hated classroom as much as I hated being confined to one room hours at a time. I wanted to work -to get my hands dirty and my feet moving. I’ve never had fewer than 3 jobs at one time and thrive off a fast pace environment and Fashion met my adrenaline. Cleaning houses, dog sitting, coffee shops, party planning, waitressing, personal styling, modeling, acting - I’ve done most of it all in pursuit of the bigger picture. So, when I graduated with a BA in Fashion Merchandising it was time to hit the city to pursue my dreams. Atlanta became home.
       After countless dead end roads, I had to take the advice I gave to others. The only way to make your dreams come true is to do exactly that, make your dreams come true. Making my dreams a reality was challenging, overwhelming at times. With a full time job, Emilia began to take shape with long nights and even longer weekends. Incorporating, occupational licenses, Tax ID’s, logo designs, merchandising, web design, purchasing inventory, networking, and much more. My heart was full and my soul on fire to have found my avenue.
      My desire for Emilia isn’t just to sell or design clothing. It is the avenue for my life to accomplish even bigger dreams for myself. I love clothes, I live and breath them but at the end of the day, it’s just fabric to me. I always keep that in perspective. I want Emilia to give people the confidence it takes to conquer their own dreams. I want my clothes to be a resource for people while they are pursuing their dreams. But my purpose doesn’t stop at Emilia. It doesn’t stop because Emilia can only help those who can afford clothing. I want Emilia to help those who cannot afford a meal. Until every person has a hot meal and a place to sleep, clothes will always just be fabric to me. There are bigger things to conquer. Bigger hurdles to climb. Bigger dreams to keep pursuing. Emilia doesn’t mean I have reached the end, it means I have reached the very beginning.
Thank You for your support, I hope you love Emilia as much as I do!

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